About me

Mi name is Guillermo but my friends call me guille. I started programming when I was 14 years old at school and since then I have not stopped. Today I am leading the Blockchain development team at Telefónica Tech.

Today, I can confidently say that I have deep knowledge of the JavaScript ecosystem, with a strong focus on backend applications. While I primarily work with backend technologies on a daily basis, I also appreciate the creativity that frontend development brings to the software building process. Due to my natural desire to learn as much as possible, I consider myself a full-stack engineer, striving to understand every aspect of creating high-quality software.

In addition to my passion for software development, I also dedicate time to sports activities like CrossFit and weightlifting. These activities not only keep me physically active but also play a vital role in maintaining balance and releasing tension. Sports provide me with the discipline and focus that translate into my work as a software engineer.